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Frequently Asked Questions

I live outside of DC but my older relative lives in DC; can I still participate in the program? The District of Columbia Caregiversí Institute program is designed for residents of the District of Columbia only. Both the caregiver and the elder must be residents of DC in order to qualify for services, except the educational program which is open to all interested persons. Caregiver support programs are available through area agencies on aging (AAAs) across the country. To identify the AAA that serves your community, contact the Eldercare Locator at 800/677-1116.

Does the DCCI pay family caregivers? The District of Columbia Caregiversí Institute does not pay caregivers. However, once enrolled in the program, caregivers are reimbursed for approved caregiver-related expenses, up to the specified limit, through the Caregiver Flex Account.

How soon can I get in the program? New participants are enrolled in the District of Columbia Caregiversí Institute program as funding permits. A waiting list is maintained when necessary with caregivers served on a first come, first served basis.

Who can participate in the educational programs? The District of Columbia Caregiversí Institute offers a variety of educational sessions and special events for caregivers at various locations across the city. The educational programs are open to the general public but registration is required. For information on upcoming educational sessions and special events, contact the Institute at 202/464-1513.

How do I participate in the telephone support group? The monthly telephone support group is an opportunity for program participants to learn new information and receive peer support without leaving the comfort of their own homes. Participants register in advance each month they want to participate and are connected by conference call with the facilitator, community expert and the other participating caregivers. Telephone support groups are open to all caregivers.

What is the caregiver flex account? The caregiver flex account is made available to program participants to reimburse them for approved caregiving-related expenses. Through this account, caregivers receive a monthly reimbursement check up to a specified amount after they have submitted original receipts documenting their expenses related to caregiving.

Can I use family and friends to help me and be reimbursed through the caregiver flex account? Some caregivers are hesitant to allow someone they are unfamiliar with to help them with caregiving chores and respite care, even though they desperately need assistance. In response, if program participants pay family members and friends to help them, the District of Columbia Caregiversí Institute will reimburse the client for these expenses up to the approved amount.

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