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A “5-Star philosophy” drives the development of innovative supports that respond to individual needs. The Institute seeks to empower caregivers to make informed decisions about their present and future circumstances and prepares them to solve problems and better cope with changing situations, while enhancing practical skills needed daily. This philosophy allows the District of Columbia Caregiver’s Institute to rival the excellent models of caregiver support that currently exist in some parts of the country. The “5-stars” is an indication of the exceptionally high degree of quality and compassion afforded caregivers in the Nation’s Capital. The guiding principles of the District of Columbia Caregiver’s Institute philosophy are: (1) Flexibility, (2) Self-determination, (3) Coordination of Support Systems, (4) Empowerment, and (5) Self-care.

Part of the Senior Service Network Supported by the D.C. Office on Aging