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DC Office on Aging Overview

How DCCI Operates

Currently, the District of Columbia Caregiver's Institute is fully funding by the DC Office on Aging. Staff of the DC Office on Aging provide oversight and guidance for the project.

Once eligible to join the District of Columbia Caregivers' Institute, clients are placed on a waiting list. Participants are added to the program based on availability of funding. When slots become available, participants are invited to attend a mandatory program orientation meeting held at the DC Office on Aging. At these meetings, staff reviews the program requirements, the services available, and how the Caregiver Flex Account works. At the conclusion of the meeting, participants schedule their in-home assessment with the social worker. A Caregiver Support Plan is completed during the in-home assessment outlining recommendations for how caregivers can decrease their caregiving burden. Participants can take advantage of the District of Columbia Caregivers' Institute services as needed.

Part of the Senior Service Network Supported by the D.C. Office on Aging