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District of Columbia Caregivers’ Institute

The District of Columbia Caregivers’ Institute (DCCI) is a resource funded by the District of Columbia Office on Aging. The purpose of the “5-Star” Caregivers’ Institute is to support unpaid caregivers residing in the District of Columbia who have primary responsibility for older, vulnerable DC residents. The District of Columbia Caregivers’ Institute strives to be a one-stop, centralized resource to help caregivers make critical decisions, develop and implement a Caregiving Support Plan, advocate for themselves and the older person, and participate in activities designed for personal rejuvenation.

The Institute seeks to empower caregivers to make informed decisions about their present and future circumstances. By providing flexible and coordinated supports, the District of Columbia Caregivers’ Institute prepares caregivers to solve problems and better cope with changing situations, while enhancing practical skills needed daily. With support, training, and assistance, many caregivers are better able to care for themselves as well as the older person that they help. If you are a District of Columbia caregiver, the Institute was designed to serve you.

What's New

Educational programs, telephone support groups

Do you have questions about caregiving? Send an email to our staff experts: info@dccaregivers.org. All submitted emails will be answered personally and posted in the Questions & Answers Section of the website. No names will be used when posting questions from caregivers. The DCCI Staff reserves the right to reject any questions considered inappropriate.

Part of the Senior Service Network Supported by the D.C. Office on Aging